Digital art portraits by Melissa Anne Cranor



portraits on fine-art watercolor paper

size cost optional additional charges
13" x 19" $799 -- one subject - painterly/plain background - ready for mat and frame $200 for each additional subject

$200 detailed background.  More for larger portraits.

  $26 Shipping and Handling


17" x 22"

$899 as above

$26 Shipping and Handling


  Additional copies with original order:
$50 each - 13 x 19"
$75 each – 17” x 22”
Additional copies ordered later:
$75 each – 13” x 19”
$100 each – 17” x 22”
Note: copies ordered later may have some variation due to possible differences in paper stock and ink.

Larger Portraits are also available.  Pricing is commensurate with increasing sizes.  Please contact Melissa for details.


portraits on canvas

Portraits on canvas are available in the above sizes, and larger.  Pricing is commensurate with increasing sizes.  Please contact Melissa for details.

Each portrait includes a margin to allow you to have it stretched and mounted. All portraits are sprayed with a clear, top-coating that is water-resistant, and filters out harmful UV light.  The additional cost for you is saved with framing, as no matting or glass will be required.



PHOTO RESTORATION & ENHANCEMENT                         $50 per hour

GRAPHIC ART                                                                  


1. About your photographs:

Please choose clear, high quality, 8 x 10" or smaller photos or snapshots, taken in good lighting.

Important: the better the clarity/resolution of the photo images, the better the painting.

One or more photos may be necessary.

  • One in the desired pose.
  • One of the desired background if you prefer a detailed background other than the primary pose photo.
  • Possibly an additional close-up to assure accurate eye, skin, and hair coloring.
  • This will be especially helpful if the chosen pose is to become a 3/4 or full length painting.
  • If several source photos will be combined, they ideally are taken in similar lighting.

2. Both Traditional and Digital photos are accepted.

Traditional photos:

Please contact for mailing address information.

To Email:

Digital images may be emailed to or sent on a CD to the address below.

Email in the highest quality .jpg/jpeg format. 300 dpi or preferably higher. Minimally 1000 pixels on the short side, preferably larger.

To Mail image on a CD:

The CD image may be in various formats including: .psd, .tiff, .bmp, or high quality .jpg/jpeg format.

If your image is a traditional photograph, or if the image is on a CD, please contact me for the mailing address.

3. Personal snapshots are best to insure that copyright infringements do not occur.

  • If the photograph(s) was taken professionally, then it must be accompanied by an authorization for use.
  • If you own the copyright, then please state so by email or mail along with the images.
  • If you do not own the copyright, then contact the professional photographer for written authorization, and send a copy of the authorization along with the images.

4. Please do not send valuable or irreplaceable photos.

PortraitsbyMAC cannot be responsible for replacement or value reimbursement.

If this type of photo is to be the source image for your painting, then please have it professionally copied or scanned into a digital format and then send the image by email as a .jpg/jpeg, or mail on a CD in the suggested formats, and to the address listed above.

5. IMPORTANT: the photo(s) and your specific instructions must accurately capture the subject or the painting cannot.

For example:  If you would prefer that the painting display different colors than the photo, please include this, and any other specific requests at the time of ordering. For example: if the subject is wearing a blue denim shirt, and you'd prefer the shirt to be a certain shade of dark red, be sure to include this in your instructions.

6. Choosing the style of Portrait:

As you will note, the paintings within the portfolios vary somewhat in style. Some are more realistic in appearance. Some more playfully 'artful.'

If you see a specific portrait style that you like within a portfolio, then please note which portfolio, which page, and the row number that it is in. Please share this preference along with your order.

7. Image sizing / matting and framing:

Images will closely align with paper/canvas size. See above. If you desire a smaller print size please discuss this with the artist.

For the print on 13 x 19” paper, set to mostly fill the paper, custom matting may be required. However it is an inexpensive way to professionally display your portrait.

Thereafter, a 13 x 19” matted portrait could either be professionally framed, or possibly fitted into a standard frame purchased easily at many drug, department, or craft stores.

The larger 17 x 22” portraits will likely require custom mat, and custom frame.

If purchasing a standard mat and frame is preferable, please discuss this with the artist.  The portrait size will generally be smaller.

PortraitsbyMAC is pleased to have a close working relationship with:

Central Oregon Customers are invited to have their portraits professionally matted and framed by Jim and Val Gerry; courteous, capable experts.

Phone: 541-382-8121

8. About Payment:

Payment may be made by personal check, cashier's check, money order, or with Credit Card via Paypal.

The first half of the payment is due upon approval that the images received are appropriate to begin the project, and after collaborative decisions are made regarding your desired style, colors, etc. for your portrait.

Payment in full is due upon your inspection and approval of the final proof of your portrait and before printing.

9. Proof Inspection and Approval:

You will be given a URL to use to look at your portrait’s proof(s) before it is printed. You may make corrections at this time if you would like something changed. 2 proof changes are free, but thereafter, any changes will be billed at the rate of $50 per hour. So let’s be certain to come to a full understanding of ‘the look’ that you desire before we begin.

Important: An image on computer screens is subject to many variables. There is much variation even viewing the same image on different home monitors. The luminous bright white monitor's ‘canvas’ differs from watercolor paper and canvas. Therefore, color and value may be slightly different in the finished print. If you have suggestions after viewing a proof, simply e-mail me and I will implement them as closely as possible as the portrait is completed.

10. Delivery - Mailing Method:

You will receive your unmatted/unframed portraits,and traditional photos (if used as the source image(s)), sent separately in sturdy mailing tubes/envelopes. Images on CDs will not be returned.

11. Delivery Time Required:

  • A fine portrait takes time to create.
  • Ordering well ahead of your need of the portrait is suggested.
  • Depending upon the number of orders already in process, and the difficulty of your order, please allow 8 to 12 weeks. However, every effort will be made to complete your portrait more quickly.
  • During heavy ordering times, such as holidays, the time may be longer.
  • If you need your portrait in a short period of time, please state so and the feasibility of completion in your time frame will be discussed.

12. Taking Care of Your Portrait:

Portraits are printed on quality, fine-art paper, or canvas. The inkset used is archival (not the less expensive, lesser quality dye-based inks), and the print should last generations without loss of quality. To assure this, reasonable care is to be taken to protect it as you would any valuable fine-art print.

A few recommendations to enhance longevity are:

  • Acid-free mat board (for portraits on fine-art paper)
  • UV protective glass (for portraits on fine-art paper) and
  • hang your portrait on a non-sunlit wall.

13. Rights and Ownership:

  • PortraitsbyMac retains artistic license and control of the artwork.
  • All paintings are copyright protected.
  • For this reason, copies of the digital file are not provided.

    Additional copies may be ordered at any time. See above prices.

    With your approval, I request the right to exhibit your portrait online, and for other promotional purposes, but it will not be reproduced to sell to anyone other than you.

14. Still have any questions?

Please feel free to email the artist at:
or call: 541-317-5849.

Office Phone Hours are: Monday through Friday, 10 AM to 3 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

15. Ready to Order?

If you choose to commission a portrait from me based upon the portraits that you have seen, I am truly complimented. If you would like references regarding the quality of my work, they will be provided.

I am so certain that your portrait will delight you, that the following offer can be made: If for any reason you are not completely satisfied PortraitsbyMAC offers a 100% money back guarantee. Just return the portrait and you will receive a full refund, minus shipping and handling costs.

You are invited to call or email me and we can begin to discuss your specific portrait preferences. In that event, thank you for choosing PortraitsbyMAC.

I look forward to the opportunity of working together to achieve the portrait that you desire.

Most Sincerely,





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A portrait painter specializing in a custom painted portrait from photo favorites within your personal collection
A hand painted portrait of your special person, pet, or place with the look of:

a pastel portrait, a watercolor portrait, or an oil portrait

~ engagement portrait ~ bridal portrait ~ wedding portrait ~ pregnancy portrait ~ anniversary portrait ~
~ school portrait ~ senior high school portrait ~ graduation portrait ~
~ family portrait ~ group portrait ~ baby portrait ~ child portrait ~ company portrait~ business portrait ~
~ pet portrait ~ dog portrait ~ cat portrait ~ horse portrait ~ home portrait ~ house portrait ~
~ pencil portrait ~ black and white portrait ~ graphic design ~

The perfect affordable gift for all occasions.


Questions or Comments?
Please contact:
or call 541-317-5849


ALL PAINTINGS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED and may not be used without the artist's permission

Digital art portraits by Melissa Anne Cranor